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List of courses

Sl.No Details
1 PMGTCC12 : Research Methods in Management
2 PMGTCC8 : Production and Material Management
3 PMGTCC10 : Financial Management
4 PMGTEC3M :Sales and Distribution Management
5 PMGTEC1F : Strategic Financial Management
6 PMGTEC2F : Financial Services
7 PMGTCC15: Knowledge Management

Standard Operating Procedure for issue of certificates

1. Components of assessment:

Total marks awarded towards completion of course: 100

  • Internal Assessment: 50 marks (Maximum)
  • External Assessment : 50 marks (Maximum)
  • Total marks: Internal assessment + External Assessment = 100 marks
2. Internal assessment:

Internal assessment shall be conducted as quiz and assignments as mentioned in the respective courses. There shall be a minimum of one graded quiz per week that shall be completed within 14 days from the start date of the quiz. Number of attempts allowed is 2 and highest mark shall be taken.

In addition to the quiz, there shall be assignments in the courses which has to be duly submitted within 14 days from the start date of the quiz. The course coordinators shall evaluate the assignments and release the final scores for the assignments. The decision of course coordinators is final.

The scores of all the modules including weekly quizzes and assignments shall be averaged to 50 marks, contributing to internal assessment mark. A grading scheme shall be specified explicitly in the introduction module for every course.

3. External Assessment:

External assessment shall be conducted as a proctored quiz for 50 marks with a duration of 60 minutes. Only one attempt is allowed.
Note: For EGSP students, External assessment shall be conducted as proctored online examination scheduled by CoE.  For students other than EGSP, a proctored quiz shall be scheduled for external assessment.

4. Certification Policy:

A learner enrolled in a course is eligible for receiving the completion certificate in the course when all of the following requirements are satisfied.

  1. The learner has obtained a minimum average score of 25 marks in internal assessment activities
  2. The learner has obtained a minimum score of 25 marks in External assessment  Quiz
  3. The learner has completed the course evaluation survey

In addition to these, a learner is eligible to receive the completion certificate with distinction if the learner’s average score is greater than or equal to 45 marks in Internal assessment activities and greater than or equal to 40 marks in External assessment. The classification of grades based on the consolidated score is as follows:

Range of Consolidated Score (CS) Letter Grade Grade Point
90 ≤ CS ≤ 100 S 10
80 ≤ CS < 90 A 9
70 ≤ CS < 80 B 8
60 ≤ CS < 70 C 7
50 ≤ CS < 60 D 6
0 ≤ CS < 50 U 0

5. Release of certificates:

On completion of each course, Certificates shall be issued from the College (E-certificate / Hardcopy) to the finishing learners with the grades specified in the certificates (both internal and external assessment). This certificate shall be used in the departments to recommend learners for obtaining academic credits as mentioned in Regulation clause – Online courses.

6. EGSP Special- Live interactive sessions/Field Visits

Learners shall enjoy live interactive sessions with EGSP experts and shall visit EGSP campus to visit the labs associated with the course.

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